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Hi, I'm Lisa Collins!

I get birth and your pregnancy experience! People always ask me how I got interested in birth work when I was originally groomed to run the financials of a family business and then went on to become a marriage & family therapist, published author and national speaker advocating for the awareness of life threatening food allergies in children. The truth is birth work chose me after I experienced for myself the huge cracks in the maternity care systems in our country and the unacceptable fact that decades later the cracks have widened leaving unacceptable lack of support for birthing individuals.

In my training I was present in all kinds of birth settings but early on it became crystal clear to me that those birthing in the hospital were actually most in the need of support! Of course there's always a chance that you'll have a great birth experience but there also exists the chance that you won't and I know this generation knows better than to take unnecessary chances when just having the right preparation and information greatly shift the odds in your favor.

Working as a doula was fulfilling as anything I could imagine but I was frustrated that I can only help a limited amount of clients and even as an agency owner the numbers were still so limited when SO many more people need the vital information to have better hospital births. So I became compelled to create a systemic change in the improvement of hospital birth as I did in  my earlier career creating much needed awareness and support of children with life threatening food allergies. 

Hi, I'm Marnie Lea! 

I'm a passionate, heart centered, no nonsense kind of woman who never dreamed I'd make my way into the "doula world".  As a self proclaimed entrepreneur, I was soul searching for my next venture, but knew it had to be something incredibly meaningful to me. After several years working in partnership with the United Abolitionists to create resources for survivors of human trafficking, I was looking for my next mission.  

I'm happiest when I'm connecting with people on a deep level and the drive to solve problems with them is as natural as breathing to me! I barely knew what a doula was, but more than one person had urged me to explore becoming one, because they thought I'd be really good at it. I realized that I had somehow created a "doula" for my own births decades ago when I asked a trusted massage therapist to be present at my birth to provide continuous support alongside my then husband. I even came up with a detailed birth plan out of the blue that would still stand up in today's world!

Hailing originally from Canada, I noticed the strengths and weaknesses in each health care system. I was aware of the existing challenges new parents faced and wanted to become an advocate in educating them about what to expect with a hospital birth. It was important to give them access to evidence based information and resources that would be crucial for their best birth experience.    

In becoming a doula I conducted research and was not surprised to find that doulas are clearly a well studied, evidence based resource that yield a multitude of incredible benefits for birthing individuals and their babies. After becoming a doula, it was a no-brainer to me that my mission was to create a system to bring this vital information to everyone, everywhere! 

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Lisa and Marnie are compelled to improve your hospital birth experience! As certified professional birth doulas with over a decades worth of experience specializing ONLY in hospital births we KNOW it can be better and you don't necessarily need a doula present to have a better birth.

We learned during the pandemic when The Hospital Doulas weren't allowed in hospitals with our clients that our innovative prenatal preparation sessions were pivotal in helping our clients have amazing births without our actual presence. Long standing research evidence credits doulas with a myriad  of benefits to maternal and infant birth outcomes. Yet, we found and believe that the preparation phase itself accounts for 80% of all the benefits doulas can provide in person. This was too much of a benefit to keep a secret! We became driven to innovate ways to bring this specialized preparation to everybody everywhere!

Lisa's deep body of knowledge as an official Evidence Based Birth® Instructor allows us to share all the latest research with you! Questions about Eating & Drinking in Labor, Delayed Cord Clamping, IV Fluids? We'll share all this knowledge with you to make your own educated decisions instructing you how to advocate effectively where necessary. We share all our hard earned insights and practical advice from providing better births for clients, all while giving you the respectful, non judgmental validation you deserve!


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