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Hi, I'm Lisa Collins!

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to improving the parenting experience. An empowered person, I’ve learned that preparing myself increases the odds of success in whatever I choose to do. I’m a big believer in arming myself with all the knowledge I can gather before jumping into anything - whether it’s making a purchase on Amazon, planning an epic vacation or planning to give birth.

In the birth world, I’ve done the work and now want to impart all my knowledge about hospital births directly to YOU! As a certified birth doula for over a decade, I noticed other doulas were simply giving their “opinions” to clients and that was not satisfactory to me! I chose to educate myself to the highest degree with dual certifications and was selected to become an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor complete with ongoing rigorous training.

As an instructor I am privy to all the vital research on the issues that will matter most to you! I’ve used my expertise as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and as a birth doula specializing only in hospital births, to help create the gold standard of online hospital childbirth preparation.

Hi, I'm Marnie Lea! 

I am a heart centered self-proclaimed problem solver! Originally from Canada, I was so struck by the special challenges that parents face in getting the kind of hospital birth they deserve here in the U.S. As a passionate certified hospital doula, I know what a difference my presence can make – on a personal level and in the strong research-based evidence of doulas lowering all kinds of unnecessary interventions and improving a multitude of outcomes for mothers and newborns.

I know for whatever reason; most birthing individuals are not going to have the benefit of a doula’s presence. So there had to be something to fill the gap between going into birth with very limited knowledge and having your own doula guide you through labor.

My solution and mission then became very clear - to help create a systemic change, setting expectant parents up for success by preparing them with the gold standard of hospital childbirth preparation – improving birth experiences for everyone, everywhere!

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Lisa and Marnie are compelled to improve your hospital birth experience! As certified professional birth doulas with over a decade’s worth of experience specializing ONLY in hospital births we 100% KNOW it can be better and you don't necessarily need a doula present to have a better birth!


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