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Happy Newborn Elephant and Mom

What Elephants Would Teach Us Humans In The Best Childbirth Class!

bestbirthpractices birthclasses birthdoula Oct 03, 2022

Even as experts in labor and delivery, there's so much elephants could teach us about childbirth. We talk about this in a blog post on The Hospital Doulas website, but today we're sharing some notable lessons with you from that article.

What Elephants Would Teach Us Humans In The Best Childbirth Class

Elephants ought to know something about pregnancy and birth. There’s so much we can learn about what humans need to birth successfully when we consult the birthing practices of this majestic mammal. After all, they endure a whopping 22 months gestational period and give birth to a three-foot tall, 250 pound baby who will nurse for three years starting with 3-5 gallons of milk per day! 

When it is time to give birth, the female elephant does not go off and lie down alone like most mammals.

Instead, she remains in her familiar environment, seeks out her fellow female elephants and stands in the middle of them. She stays on her feet continuously during her labor, moving to help rotate her baby down into the birth canal.

The trusted females of her herd create a tight circle around her standing shoulder to shoulder, tusk to tusk, for as long as it takes to protect her during this time.

A formidable show of force, no other animal will dare to threaten her safety while she labors. She is able to relax into her labor knowing she is supported and protected. She is not alone but literally surrounded by her trusted, experienced, familiar herd members. They communicate with her and encourage her. 

The lesson?

When it comes to human birth, feeling safe and protected is instinctual and absolutely necessary for the physiological process of birth to proceed.

Choosing who you surround yourself with when giving birth truly matters!

Instinct and wisdom on how to birth safely and successfully are passed down through the female herd members. We see our role as a similar one at The Hospital Doulas. That's even why we chose our beautiful logo of an elephant protecting a baby elephant. 

Overcoming Hospital Birth Challenges with Childbirth Education

Elephants benefit from the wisdom passed down from their more experienced female herd members, including the lesson we shared above.

It's also wise for humans to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise our hospital doulas have accumulated over the countless hours of providing hospital labor doula support.

Many of our first-time parent clients choose us to tap into our deep body of wisdom, pro-tips, and proven strategies to successfully navigate the hospital system. Others seek out our childbirth classes or doulas services after experiencing a traumatic birth. Now, they are determined to have a different and more empowered birth the next time around.

We trumpet the success of their birth experience and their growing family as they join our human family!

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