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The Hospital Childbirth Masterclass will prepare you with the evidence based knowledge for your best birth experience. Enjoy 2 personalized one-on-one Zoom sessions with your own certified hospital doula expert. 

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What Makes Us The Gold Standard?


Less "Crunchy" - More Facts!

Are you ready to feel certain that you've found just the right childbirth preparation for you and your partner - finally crossing it off your list?

Let's be real - Most of the classes or childbirth philosophies out there are just too "crunchy", yet the hospital based classes only focus on how to be a good patient. It's vital to be informed about all the challenges you'll face in labor to avoid the common pitfalls and give yourself the best chance to achieve what you most want your birth to be like.

You're not the kind of person who leaves important things to chance, especially not something as vital and profound as your birth! But where can you learn what you need to tip the odds in your favor of having a great birth experience?

Born out of our sincere mission to help you create an improved hospital birth experience we've created our innovative Hospital Birth Masterclass. Effective hospital birth preparation for smart & resourceful expectant parents delivered directly to you without judgement or agenda. All our profound knowledge as certified hospital doulas, an Evidence Based Birth® instructor, and our Pro Tips are just a click away!


"Masterfully Navigate Your Hospital Birth!”

Lack of proper Preparation may cause you more Worry, Interventions & Stress...

Is this You?

  • Worried about which Dr. will be on call?
  • Nervous I won't vibe with my assigned nurse?
  • Doubtful about my ability to handle the pain of my contractions?
  • Terrified that I'll lose control?
  • Alarmed that I could receive routine interventions that I may not want or need?
  • Disappointed with not having enough time for all my questions at our prenatal visits? 
  •  Unsure about how to make a decision about getting an epidural?
  • Concerned if my partner will be able to effectively support me & my goals?
  • Anxious if we will be able to advocate for ourselves?
  • Unclear about what my rights are in the hospital?
  • Baffled by all the possible interventions in the hospital?
  • Unsettled by all the horror stories from friends, family & online?
  • Unaware of what questions to ask about my care in the hospital?
  • Confused about Covid-19 protocols?
  • Worried about appropriate contact with our baby once we are home from the hospital?
  • Distressed about family expectations?
  • Anxious about communicating & setting new family boundaries? 
  • Annoyed with everyone's strong opinions about my birth?  
  • Perplexed by how to fully prepare for our hospital birth?


You're Smart & Resourceful


Together with our Hospital Doula Pro Tips, Insider Information and Effective Strategies You will feel Confident & Prepared!


This Will Be Me! 

  • I'll know exactly how to communicate with and the questions to ask my hospital team
  • My partner & I can successfully advocate for the best hospital care possible
  • I'm that "go-to" birth person in my circle of friends/family 
  • We garner respect and invite cooperation from my hospital care team 
  • I have realistic expectations of the labor process
  • I know how to decide when it's time to head to the hospital 
  • I've taken the steps to control the controllable
  • My partner and I are a strong team
  • We didn't allow ourselves to be  pushed into anything we didn't want or need
  • I have credible information to make my own decisions about my care relying on Evidence Based Birth® publications like: on eating and drinking in labor, understanding due dates, suspected big babies, failure to progress (labor arrest), premature rupture of the membranes, and Group B Strep
  • My partner & I are clear on our Birth Plan 
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  Our Premium Online

Hospital Childbirth Masterclass 

The Gold Standard of Birth Preparation for Smart Expectant Parents   


 2 Personalized One-on-One Zoom Sessions with your Certified Hospital Doula Expert


Know how to Masterfully Navigate your Hospital Birth Like A Pro!


Zoom Session 1 -

Get In The Know! 

Our aim is to discover what you most want to get out of your birth experience as we gear our instruction to YOUR goals.

In this class, we'll get to know you and your partner and can discuss any concerns you may have! We'll share with you everything you need to know from the simplicity of the labor process itself to all the possible options, considerations and interventions that the hospital environment may throw at you. We'll present you with the most up to date Evidence Based Birth® resources so you can evaluate them based on your own goals and values.

What We'll Work On: 

  • The basics of the labor process
  • Routine hospital practices that can pose challenges 
  • Tons of Pro Tips on making the most of the birthing process
  • Road map of labor
  • Importance of positive mindset
  • Realistic expectations of the labor process
  • A host of coping strategies
  • Clarity about informed consent
  • Vital tips for communication and decision making in labor
  • Identifying all your options
  • Introduction to labor interventions 
  • Access to Evidence Based Birth® Resources
  • Reduce fear by adding knowledge & confidence 
  • Go-to success strategies 
  • Get to work on packing with our premium hospital packing list!

Zoom Session 2 -

Navigating Your Birth!  

Without judgement, we'll match your goals with our relevant Pro Tips from over a decade's worth of experience attending ONLY hospital births.

Now that you've identified and prioritized what's important to you and your partner, we'll really get down to business. It's time to discuss tried and true strategies for increasing your chances of getting the most of what you do want and the least of what you don't want! We'll share all our Pro Tips, practical advice and knowledge with you!

What We'll Work On: 

  • Identifying and prioritizing the things you want or would like to avoid during your labor
  • Learn all the right questions to ask
  • Clarity on what to include in your Birth Plan
  • Brainstorm strategies to help you create your positive birth experience
  • How to know if you're in labor and when to go to the hospital
  • Learn methods to encourage labor - pharmacological and non-pharmacalogical
  • Possible hospital interventions 
  • Learn comfort measures
  • How "hospital policy" applies to you
  • How to communicate with and invite cooperation from your hospital birth team
  • Learn how to easily & effectively advocate for yourself or your partner
  • Evidence Based Birth® facts empower you to confidently make your own decisions
  • Find out lots of effective labor and pushing positions with and without an epidural
  • Know what to expect & vital tips to manage your post-birth time
  • Your Expert Childbirth Instruction with one of the Co-Founders of The Hospital Doulas & Associates

  • 2 Personalized One-on-One Zoom Sessions

    • 1 1/2 hours each session

  • 1 Follow Up Call Before Your Birth

    • 1/2 hour

  • Customized Vital Resources from Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

  • Essential Birth Resources Preparation Packet 

  • Our Custom Birth Considerations Tool

  • Our Exclusive Hospital Birth Packing List

  • Bonus Gift of one of our top Doula Tools!


Special Introductory Offer  $499

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Hi from Marnie & Lisa!

Co-Founders of The Hospital Doulas Circle


We're so thrilled you're here!

Your presence helps us fulfill our mission of improving hospital births for couples everywhere! After serving clients as birth doulas only in the hospital setting we've developed a system to elevate your birth experience to what it should be! Our collection of Pro Tips come from our extensive experience as hospital doulas.

Marnie's innovative problem solving communication with hospital staff and Pro Tips along with Lisa's vast knowledge as an Evidence Based Birth® instructor will provide you with all the information and strategies you'll need for a successful hospital birth!

We've seen incredible results through our comprehensive preparation for our birth doula clients but through the pandemic when we weren't allowed in the hospitals we learned that our birth preparation alone was enough! Our clients felt knowledgeable, confident and prepared to make educated decisions and advocate for themselves during their labor & delivery. They knocked it out the park!

The results were so phenomenal we knew we had to make this online preparation available to expectant parents regardless of where they lived or if they were planning on having a hospital birth doula or not! 

Dayna H.

They helped me understand my options, feel prepared and very knowledgeable going into birthing my baby. They are THE BEST!! I highly recommend their services to a new or experienced mom getting ready for labor. They helped us achieve our desired births- calm, positive and respectful.

Greg M.

Prepare for birth with Marnie and Lisa. It’s a no brainer. I'd like to offer a view from the father's perspective. I needed them probably more than my wife did! Hire them not just for the mom to be, but for the dad to be also. Worth every single penny. You won't regret it! 


Rachel R.

Having prenatal sessions with them virtually, when so many other things were canceled, helped us feel supported, understood, connected, safe, and less anxious. They helped us develop our ability to advocate for ourselves and made suggestions that were pivotal to our birthing process.




We guarantee after the birth of your baby, having had the benefit of completing our Hospital Childbirth Masterclass sessions, you will be able to feel you have learned something that significantly helped you to feel more confident, less anxious, know what questions to ask, feel better prepared for your labor, vaginal birth, cesarean birth or post-birth period. If not, we'll be happy to return your cost of the program. 

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